Allen Hallett – wildlife artist, bronze sculptor, game ranger, conservationist

“An intimate knowledge of wildlife a key to success”

Growing up in the highlands of Kenya, which were at that time teeming with elephant, giraffe, buffalo and all the other plains’ game. His school holidays and any spare time were spent either hunting or fishing in the surrounding areas and it was at this time that a deep interest in Africa’s Wildlife was nurtured.

Allen has been a wildlife Sculptor for the past 25 years, having been a game ranger in Zululand and guiding safaris in South Africa and Botswana. He now has a studio in the KZN Midlands where he creates his magnificent sculptures that are collected by many Southern Africans and Visitors from all over the World. His passion for Africa’s wildlife is amazingly portrayed in his work.

Allen, often accompanied by his wife Jenny, first spends hours in the bush studying his subject, often returning to observe the animal during the creation of the piece.

He has an intimate knowledge of the creatures he sculpts and has come to know their habits well. He tells us how, for example, a warthog will wallow in mud, and when the mud dries rub it off to rid itself of ticks; or how a rhino that’s bothered by flies will kick its stomach vigorously with its hind leg to disperse them.

Among Allen’s latest projects is a Secretary Bird for Birdlife SA to raise funds for grassland conservation, a leopard sculpture called “Rockfig” from the Timbavati Game Reserve and a magnificent white rhino to assist with funds for Anti-poaching in Zululand and elsewhere. Allen is also very excited to be working with other important Wildlife Conservation organizations on various projects, including numerous endangered species.

He is hoping that through his art he is able to make a meaningful contribution to preserving Africa’s Wildlife.

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