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Tank of Inspiration

Art is not only something you look at, but it should also be something you feel. For me to produce a piece of art that enthralls and engages you, I need to draw on inspiration. While an artist possesses the talent and the creative genius, there needs to be the element of ingenuity. I call that element my tank of inspiration, much like a tank of diesel that runs on empty or is full to the brim.

Whenever I need to fill my tank, the first place I head is into the bush. I find my inspiration in the remotest parts of Africa when I am one with nature, where I can just relax and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me. If there comes the time you cannot seem to find me, know that I have gone to fill my tank of inspiration!

I spent my early years growing up in Kenya and later moved to South Africa where I took up a position as a game ranger and trails guide in Northern Zululand. My passion for Africa runs deep through my veins, it is the core of who I am. It is not only the larger animals that I enjoy watching but the smaller things that are often missed by the untrained eye.

My passion transpired into art and creating bronzes that will invoke emotion and make you want to look deeper. It is almost as though it takes you on a journey into the wild where you are watching that animal or bird go about its daily life. I am one with Africa, she is my soul, and she is my inspiration. Always remember, Art is something you feel!

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