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Bronze Sculpures for every Occasion

Bronze Sculptures that centre mainly around African Wildlife

Bronze Sculpures for every Occasion

Bronze Sculptures that centre mainly around African Wildlife

Bronze Sculpures for every Occasion

Bronze Sculptures that centre mainly around African Wildlife

The Gift Collection

Imagine owning a small piece of African Art, sculpted by world renowned Wildlife Artist, Allen Hallett. The Gift Collection makes this possible, and the reason why its popularity has grown exponentially. Size does matter when packing your luggage to go home, not to mention the hassle and cost of excess luggage.

These small bronze sculptures weigh between 500g and 1000g, making them the perfect gift to take home. Over the years, Allen has sculpted the smallest of bronzes to life-size bronzes. And in the process, there is no loss in attention to detail and artistic flair. Many gift shops in Lodges around Africa stock some of the Gift Collection Range. Please get in touch if your Company or Lodge would like to stock our Gift Collection. They are also available for individual order through our contact form.

Limited Editions

A limited edition means that a limited number of bronzes will be available for a particular sculpture. The edition can range from one bronze sculpture to the next and there is no fixed rule. Once a bronze sculpture is commissioned, the edition will depend on the buyer and their budget. The more limited an edition is, the more expensive it becomes. Once the edition has been sold out, no more be cast or sold. There are instances where the sculpture is extremely specific, as is the case with the life-size ice hockey player. Once Allen is commissioned to do a bronze sculpture, the project is set in motion and can take some time to complete. During this process Allen often returns to the bush to study the animal in its natural habitat. Attention to detail is Allen’s trademark and this is evident in the quality of art he produces.

Allen has editions that are sold out however commissions for new bronze design are always an option. His portfolio is continually growing and there are some exciting pieces coming soon. If you would like to know more about commissioning your own piece. Or if you would like to be updated on the new bronze sculptures coming soon. Please make contact with us via the contact form or on email, better yet follow us on Social Media for the latest releases.

Corporate Commissions

A company can commission a bronze sculpture for several reasons. Allen’s bronzes are commissioned by corporate companies, including the well-known life-size leopard for the ICC in Durban, South Africa. Leopards are an extremely popular bronze choice and Allen completed a different life size Leopard for Christies of London. But his talent is not limited to Wildlife of Africa. Toyota commissioned eight Stallions which are awarded to top performing dealerships over the coming years. Hino followed suit with eight Eagles and the Lexus project is currently under way.

There is a lot said about art in the workplace, some say it can stimulate production. Others say it reduces stress and increases creativity. Furthermore, art can encourage and promote diverse social interactions. Some companies include fine art in waiting rooms or boardrooms that are often break the ice and become a talking point. You will also find Lodge Receptions decorated with a bronze sculpture, an art piece symbolic of their values. Whatever the benefit art is in your workplace, please get in touch to make your vision become a reality.

Conservation Support

In Southern Africa we have several threatened species, some vulnerable, some endangered, and others critically endangered or extinct in the wild. Allen is passionate about making a meaningful contribution to preserving Africa’s Wildlife. He is involved with many foundations that aim to raise funds that contribute saving a species from extinction. The David Shepherd Foundation is one where he completed a piece for the “Art for Survival Wildlife Auction”. Another is the Mabula Ground Hornbill Project that aims to save the plight of the Southern Ground Hornbill.

Among some of Allen’s projects is a Secretary Bird for Birdlife SA to raise funds for grassland conservation. A leopard sculpture called “Rockfig” for the Timbavati Game Reserve and a magnificent white rhino to assist with funds for anti-poaching in Zululand.

How can one man make a difference? The answer is we can all make a difference in our own unique way and it starts with understanding and education. If I can reach just one person and save one animal, I have made a difference and that is what matters!

Get In Touch

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in purchasing a sculpture or would like to have a bronze commissioned.