The making of a bronze sculpture

“An intimate knowledge of wildlife a key to success”
  1. Create the original out of clay after intensive research and field studies into the subject.
  2. Making of the silicone rubber mould.
  3. Pouring of wax pattern into the mould.
  4. Refine the wax model.
  5. Making of ceramic shell around wax model with vents and pouring cup.
  6. Fire work in furnace to burn out the wax.
  7. Melt bronze in furnace about 1200 degrees C and pour molten metal into hot ceramic shell (approx 900 degrees C)
  8. Cool metal in water and then chip and sandblast shell off.
  9. Cut off runners and finish chasing bronze with grinders and dental motors.
  10. Colour bronze with mild chemicals and wax finish before mounting on polished granite on indigenous wooden base.

All of Allen’s bronzes are cast by Sculpture Casting Services in Nottingham road, KwaZulu Natal.

Their attention to detail is exceptional and by so doing you are guaranteed a top quality piece in the best quality silicone bronze.

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