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Allen Hallett

Wildlife Artist, Bronze Sculptor, and Conservationist

Allen Hallett

Wildlife Artist, Bronze Sculptor, and Conservationist

Wildife Artist & Bronze Sculptor extraordinaire

Growing up in the highlands of Kenya, teeming with wildlife and forging an early connection with nature. This meant any spare time was spent outdoors fishing and hunting in the surrounding areas. During this time a deep interest in Africa’s wildlife was nurtured, later becoming a passion.

Allen, often accompanied by his wife Jenny, spends hours in the bush studying his subject. Here he observes the animal in its natural habitat, often returning during the creation of a piece. He has an intimate knowledge of the creatures he sculpts and has come to know their habits well. This he believes is a key to his success! There are some interesting stories (including some close encounters) to be told and Allen relates these in his blog. Read more

After many years guiding safaris in South Africa and Botswana, Allen settled in the KZN Midlands. Here he has a home studio where he creates these magnificent sculptures. His passion for Africa’s Wildlife is evident and portrayed in his work – Attention to detail is his trademark!

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Bronze Sculptures around the World

Allen’s sculptures travel the world and he has art collectors from all around the globe. Many of his sculptures are found in fine art galleries around South Africa. Over the years Allen has been commissioned to create various pieces in bronze.

A life-size Leopard for Christie’s of London

A Blue Crane and Red Hartebeest for Bill Barnes

Life-size Cheetah called ‘Serengeti Morning’ which found its home in Pennsylvania, USA

A life-size Leopard for the ICC in Durban

And the most unusual to date, a life-size hockey player that made its way to Sweden!

The Making of a Bronze Scultpure

Some clients have a keen interest in the process of creating a bronze sculpture. Allen explains the operation from start to finish. The attention to detail is exceptional guaranteeing you a top-quality piece in the best quality silicone bronze.

  1. Create the original out of clay after intensive research and field studies into the subject.
  2. Making of the silicone rubber mould.
  3. Pouring of wax pattern into the mould.
  4. Refine the wax model.
  5. Making of ceramic shell around the wax model with vents and pouring cup.
  6. Fire work in furnace to burn out the wax.
  7. Melt bronze in a furnace about 1200 degrees C and pour molten metal into the hot ceramic shell (approx.. 900 degrees C)
  8. Cool metal in water and then chip and sandblast shell off.
  9. Cut off runners and finish chasing bronze with grinders and dental motors.
  10. Colour bronze with mild chemicals and wax finish before mounting on polished granite on indigenous wooden base.
Molten bronze casting

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