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“Collectible bronze sculpture – attention to detail Allen’s trademark”

Allen Hallett has been a bronze wildlife sculptor for the past 28 years, having been a game ranger for the Natal Parks Board, most of his time being spent in the wilderness areas of Umfolozi game reserve conducting walking trails and working on rhino capture and other reserve duties.

Allen’s wildlife bronzes can be seen at various fine art galleries in South Africa. While his work centres around mainly African animals he has recently started looking more towards rare and endangered birds like, hornbills, sunbirds and also some of the endangered raptors and especially falcons.

Allen HallettThe Mabula Ground Hornbill Project shows its appreciation!

Among Allen’s latest projects is a Secretary Bird for Birdlife SA to raise funds for grassland conservation, a leopard sculpture called “Rockfig” from the Timbavati Game Reserve and a magnificent white rhino to assist with funds for Anti-poaching in Zululand and elsewhere. Allen is also very excited to be working with other important Wildlife Conservation organizations on various projects, including numerous endangered species.
He is hoping that through his art he is able to make a meaningful contribution to preserving Africa’s Wildlife.

Over the past twenty odd years Allen has been commissioned to create several works in bronze, including a red hartebeest, a blue crane for Bill Barnes, a life size Leopard for Christies of London, a lifesize leopard for the I.C.C. in Durban. An amazing lifesize cheetah called Serengeti Morning for a Durban collector. One of the magnificent cheetahs was shipped to Pennsylvania in the United States to a keen collector of wildlife sculpture and especially African animals. One of the most unusual sculptures was of a lifesize ice hockey player for a Swedish client who has a vast game ranch on the Botswana Border.

Allen, really enjoys commission work as it adds an extra challenge to his work.

At present he is working towards creating a sculpture of a ground hornbill for the Mabula Ground Hornbill project.

Allen believes that having worked with wild African animals as part of this job as a ranger has helped tremendously in turning the knowledge that he has stored into outstanding three dimensional art. This along with the ‘God’ given gift that he has.

He was also very fortunate to work alongside Bill Barnes, a legend in birding circles and especially the Natal Drakensberg. To be asked to create a blue crane for Bill was therefore an absolute honour. Allen has a passion for Guinea Fowls and this can be seen in various of his works like The Royal Flush and so on. Probably one of the most eye-catching bronze sculptures in recent times is a running bronze white rhino that Allen created with a ‘loose’ texture to give the feeling of a huge animal running at great speed, only balanced on one foot. What is interesting to note is that he spends a lot of time endeavouring to create a ‘lightness’ in what would otherwise be a heavy metal. This can be seen in The Dancing blue crane, the guinea fowl “Royal Flush”, the diving kingfishers and numerous others.

I am delighted to say that I was commission by TOYOTA S.A. and HINO TRUCKS to create 14 bronze sculptures.   Seven of which were Rearing Stallions and the other seven Eagles with their wings outstretched.

The commission was concluded late 2019 and they have all been finished and delivered in the past week.   I must say that they turned out magnificently and I am very proud of my efforts.

Allen’s portfolio is growing all the time and there are some really exciting and different bronze sculptures in the pipeline. All the bronzes shown on the website are available either by visiting various galleries or contacting Allen directly.

Latest released bronzes

Guinea Fowl Pair – 42cm Long X 35cm Tall


GUINEA FOWL PAIR – Don’t know why we always seem to be running?…

Kudu Bust – Dimensions 69cm Tall x 27cm DeepKudu Bust – Dimensions 69cm Tall x 27cm Deep


KUDU BUST – Reach for the Sky…

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